The Professional Agile Leader

The leader’s Journey toward growing mature Agile Teams and Organizations.

We’ve written “The Professional Agile Leader” to help leaders build mature agile organizations. In the book we share the most common situations that leaders will encounter when building an organization that is responsive to the challenges of this complex and challenging world.

With a fictionalized story we will lead you through a number of real-life situations that we witnessed personally and that helped us become the agile leaders we are today. We hope that the learnings we share will help you avoid many of the pitfalls and frustrations in becoming a better leader to your agile teams.

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Ron’s mission is to create organizations where people love to work and where real customer value is created.

In the last 20 years he has built an expertise on how to lead IT organizations that use Agile and Scrum.

After an initial education in electrical engineering and software engineering he ended up in different leadership roles.

In these roles he discovered the leadership capabilities that are essential to create autonomous teams with a high level of maturity and creativity. He believes that autonomous teams are the fundament of a modern organization that thrives in this complex and ever-changing world.

By mixing in his expertise on cultural change and leadership development Ron hopes to inspire a large audience of leaders to reach their full potential.


Ron is also an entrepreneur. He has founded Agile Leadership School and co-founded Evolutionary Leadership. Both organizations are on a mission to create great leaders in organizations.

Ron Eringa
Author, Trainer, Leadership Developer, Entrepreneur and Speaker.

Kurt Bittner has been delivering working products in short, feedback-driven cycles for nearly 40 years, and has helped many organizations do the same. He is particularly interested in helping people form strong, self-organizing, high-performance teams that deliver solutions that customers love, and helping organizations use empirical feedback to achieve customer outcome-focused goals. He is an author or editor of many books on agile product development, including Mastering Professional Scrum, The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide, The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum, The Professional Scrum Team, and Professional Agile Leadership, as well as The Guide to Evidence-Based Management, and The Nexus Guide. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Kurt Bittner
Author and Speaker.

Laurens is an Agile Trainer & Management Consultant and a mentor to leaders creating resilient organizations at any scale. He has a strong background in IT with experience in almost every role. As a Professional Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified Agile Master, Agile Master Assessor, IPMA Agile Assessor, and PRINCE2 Practitioner, Laurens strives to merge classic and Agile management in the conviction that it is the future of professional management. As a Professional Scrum Trainer and SAFe Program Consultant, he helps to improve the profession of software delivery as well as marketing, human resources, and finance. Laurens brings his experience in enterprise IT since 1999 and on Scrum Teams since 2006 to his teaching, is a driving force in the Agile community, and a sought-after speaker at conferences and events. 

Laurens Bonnema
Trainer, Management Consultant, Author and Speaker.